I noticed that if Icicles is loaded then super-save-mode doesn't save a buffer when you switch to another buffer, though switching frames works.

Icicles seems so technically advanced, yet there is no bug tracker on the internet. All info sits on a wiki page. How/where can I report an Icicles problem?

I run Emacs 26.1

  1. M-x icicle-send-bug-report to send an Icicles bug report or feature request.

    And the doc, both on Emacs Wiki (page Icicles - Debugging and Reporting Bugs and in file icicles-doc2.el, tells you this clearly:

    You can report a problem you experience with Icicles at IciclesIssuesOpen –- please follow the formatting suggestion provided there.

    But the best way to report an Icicles issue or pass along a suggestion is by email. Do one of the following:

    • Choose item Send Bug Report from menu-bar menu Icicles.
    • Use M-x icicle-send-bug-report.
    • Use M-? from the minibuffer. Then click button Icicles Options and Faces in buffer *Help*. Then click the link Send Bug Report in buffer *Customize Group: icicles*.
  2. The question/problem is unclear. You'll need to specify what super-save-mode is, and why you expect a buffer to be saved when you switch to another buffer. That probably means explaining how super-save-mode invokes buffer saving when another buffer is switched to.

    For that, you'll need to provide a step-by-step recipe to reproduce your problem, starting with emacs -Q (no init file), or at least point to the code that super-save-mode uses or depends on to automatically initiate buffer saving.

    For example, if super-save-mode simply advises particular commands, such as switch-to-buffer then it will have no effect (by default) in Icicle mode -- see #3, below -- because (by default) C-x b in Icicle mode is not bound to command switch-to-buffer.

  3. In Icicle mode, by default C-x b is bound to icicle-buffer, and C-x 4 b is bound to icicle-buffer-other-window. But there's no requirement that anyone use those bindings. You can customize option icicle-top-level-key-bindings to remove them.

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