I am trying to make the choices in my transients dynamic but I cannot figure out how. Right now, the choices are only evaluated when loaded.

Here's a static example:

(define-infix-argument choice-rt ()
 :description "My rt"
 :class 'transient-option
 :shortarg "rt"
 :argument "-rt="
 :choices '("yes" "no"))

This works, but when I try to replace it with:

:choices 'dynamic-method


(defvar my-choices nil "my choices")
(defun dynamic-method ()

I would get:

Wrong number of arguments: (lambda nil dynamic-method), 3

The idea is to pass a lambda that evaluates at runtime, instead of having it get defined only when loading the package. I could then just override the "my-choices" variable to supply a range of choices before running the transient.

Anyone tried something like this?

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