I've been trying to switch my data-analysis workflow from Jupyter lab/notebook to org-mode + org-babel for quite a while.

  • I'm looking for an emacs setup that will provide all the functionalities of jupyter (code completion, inline docs, easy code block navigation and editing, etc.) while still working in org-mode.
  • I tried to get this going in the basic emacs, in scimax and in spacemacs but none of them really did the trick. Scimax seemed to do a very good job emulating a jupyter notebook but I really missed all the out-of-the-box features from spacemacs.
  • I use spacemacs as my day-to-day emcas and would really love to incorporate this kind of setup into my spacemacs configuration.
  • Ideally, this setup would be a complete configuration that will work out of the box (I'm not very strong on emacs-lisp), but a (very) detailed guide for how to set this up on my own inside spacemacs would also be nice.
  • Did you check the scimax layer for spacemacs? You can check it here: github.com/dangom/scimax-layer – neuroprinciplist Jul 22 at 19:13
  • Yes I did try Scimax ( see 2nd bullet). It's a good option but as I said, I was really hoping to get this running on spacemacs. Maybe I'll give scimax another go. – J.Doe 2 days ago
  • I'm afraid the main point was missed. This link (github.com/dangom/scimax-layer) is a layer for spacemac, so with that you can try scimax with spacemac (that I understood you had issue - but you didn't use this additional layer) – neuroprinciplist yesterday
  • @neuroprinciplist I tried the scimax layer sometime in the past, but somehow could not configure that to work. I'll that again too. – J.Doe 11 hours ago

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