I used to be able to create links with open-insert-link pointing to folders or files. When I clicked on them, I would be redirected to Finder. Lately, they are shown within Dired. How to control this behaviour?

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I think you mean org-insert-link (bound to key C-c C-l within an org-mode buffer). Which you would then enter the file name prepend with either file:, file+emacs: or file+sys:. Within an org-mode buffer C-c C-o (org-open-at-point) opens the link, or Mouse Click which results in org-open-at-mouse. In my testing only the file+emacs: link is opened within an emacs' dired buffer. What is the value of your link? For example:


Also, take a look at org-open-file and org-file-apps.

Update: Check MacOS System Preferences -> Security and Privacy:

  • Under General tab it might be asking you to accept Emacs.
  • Under Privacy tab check that Automation has Emacs listed with the various applications. I see Finder, System Events.app, Safari, Mail.app, etc.
  • Thanks for your response. When I use either [[file:/users/Shared]] or [[file+emacs:/users/Shared]], and click on them, I get the dired buffer, not the Finder app.
    – Adelita
    Jul 5, 2021 at 16:22

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