I am trying to set up a quasi-IDE experience on Emacs for C/++, and I installed the company package. However, it seems it doesn't work. For what I undersood, company by itself is only the front-end. Freshly installed, it only does basic completion (i.e., the words you alredy typed), and it doesn't show completions without a back-end a, for example, irony. Is it right?

I have Emacs 26, and I have already installed clang (not libclang), but it seems it doesn't help. Can someone of you explain how does the company autocompletion works?

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    Far too broad. This site is for specific questions, typically how-to. Perhaps try a discussion site, such as Reddit, or the Emacs help mailing list, [email protected].
    – Drew
    Commented Jul 10, 2021 at 19:25

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Look into lsp or eglot. They provide completion candidates for company.

Personally, I used eglot now with vertico completion and it "just works" since i plumbs iself into completion-at-point functions.


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