In my emacs.d/init.el I have:

(use-package org
    ;; ...
    (org-ellipsis " ▼")

    (org-ellipsis ((t (:foreground "#665" :underline nil))))
    ;; ...

Oddly, I see the correct when I am running emacsclient, but when in emacs I still see ....

I seen the same issue in Emacs 27.1, 27.2 and 28.0.50.

Any idea what might be the issue here?

Edit: I know that there can be code that runs only for emacsclient fraimes, but I can't think of any such code that I might run, that may affect the rendering of org-ellipsis, or if there is such code - how to find it. Grepping for after-make-frame-functions and server-visit-hook did not yield anything of interest.

  • Do you mean that when you first run emacs on an Org buffer, you see ... as org-ellipsis and then doing the same thing with emacsclient, it displays ` ▼` as org-ellipsis ? If so, this is quite odd, because AFAIK emacs is the one which loads your init.el, OTOH emacsclient merely connect to an Emacs server. – Firmin Martin Jul 15 at 8:57
  • My emacsclient command is /usr/local/bin/emacsclient --create-frame --alternate-editor="", and my emacs command is /usr/local/bin/emacs. – Chen Levy Jul 15 at 18:49

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