I have something like this inside my init file:

(when (file-readable-p "/absolute/path/to/config.org")
      (org-babel-load-file (expand-file-name "/absolute/path/to/config.org")))

Where config.org is in the same directory as init.el. I want to be able to specify a relative path to init.el so that emacs can find the config file no matter where the init file is located on any device. However, when I tried "./config.org" that is interpreted relative to the directory where emacs is opened, not where init.el is located.

How can I specify a path relative to init.el?

I'm using emacs-28, if that matters.


When your init file is loaded, the current directory, that is, the value of variable default-directory, is the directory where your init file is, by default. That is, that's the value unless your init file does something that changes default-directory.

So you can just use the value of default-directory.

For example if you use a function that accepts a file name without the directory part, then just use the file name without the directory part, and default-directory will be understood.

Or if you use a function that needs an absolute file name, then use expand-file-name without specifying optional arg DEFAULT-DIRECTORY (or passing it as nil).


(when (file-readable-p "config.org")
  (org-babel-load-file (expand-file-name "config.org")))

which is the same as:

(when (file-readable-p (expand-file-name "config.org"))
  (org-babel-load-file (expand-file-name "config.org")))

which is the same as:

(when (file-readable-p (expand-file-name "config.org" default-directory))
  (org-babel-load-file (expand-file-name "config.org" default-directory)))

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