I am using python-mode which colors the parameters.

When I concatinate strings the variable color is represented as different:

On the other hand, if I use fstring, the variable is not represented as different color:


Please note that, if I enter non-existing variable, python-mode detects it:

enter image description here

[Q] Is there any way to give a color to variables inside a fstring in python-mode for Emacs version >27.1?

Related answer for Emacs <27.1: https://emacs.stackexchange.com/a/55186/18414 When I apply it, it messes up all the original coloring in Python-mode. Everything becomes white except strings.

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I am using this:

(if (version< "27.0" emacs-version)
    (setq python-font-lock-keywords-maximum-decoration
        (append python-font-lock-keywords-maximum-decoration
            (progn (goto-char (match-beginning 0)) (match-end 0))
            (goto-char (match-end 0))
            (0 font-lock-variable-name-face t)))))))
  • In some cases I have to use {{ or }} to add curly brakets into the string (stackoverflow.com/questions/68253951/…). But the coloring get confused. Would it be possible to handle those cases as well? Example coloring in those cases: gist.github.com/avatar-lavventura/…
    – alper
    Commented Jul 19, 2021 at 10:07
  • Also can we add a condition to apply your function only for emacs >27.1? because it does not work for <27.1 :-( // Even it works with <27.1 that will be golden
    – alper
    Commented Jul 19, 2021 at 10:08
  • You can add a test for emacs version (I edited my answer). For the "{{" case, I don't have solution yet.
    – djangoliv
    Commented Jul 19, 2021 at 11:35
  • Yay! Finally I am able to upgrade to emacs >.27.1
    – alper
    Commented Jul 19, 2021 at 12:14
  • Sorry for pretty late comment, when I try f"{variable}" it shows variable as white white, it is same on your end or does it apply different color?
    – alper
    Commented Mar 10, 2022 at 10:08

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