I'd like Emacs to prevent me from attempting to create headlines with more than three levels of nesting in org-mode.

For example, if I try to demote 3.2 in the following example, I would like Emacs to stop me, and print a message telling me I cannot promote the headline:

* 1
  ** 2
    *** 3.1
    *** 3.2

Are there any existing variables or functions I can use to do this? If not, could you offer suggestions, especially code specifics, on how I might implement this in ELisp?

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    AFAIK, there is no way to impose such a restriction and (although I may be wrong to believe this) I believe there is no simple way to implement such a restriction: you would have to rewrite an awful lot of Org mode code to do it robustly. – NickD Jul 22 at 1:30

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