I've upgraded the version of python on my computer, but emacs-jedi is still using the old one. I presume this because we are still using the old version of python used in ~/.emacs.d/.python-environments/default.

How do I upgrade the version of python that jedi uses?

  • I've done some digging jedi was using python-virtualenv which was using ~/.emacs.d/.python-environments/default. I deleted this and ran jedi:install-server and this recreated environment. But the environment still used the new version of python because virtualenv was using the wrong environment - no idea why. I asked a question: stackoverflow.com/questions/68484209/…. Adding a -p flag via python-environment-virtualenv fixed this. Though I had to clear various definition caches and restart servers as well. – Att Righ Jul 22 at 11:51

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