Looking for a way to change the org-html-home/up-format within my org file. I've learned that you can change the variable within emacs via:

(setq org-html-home/up-format "<a href=\"%s\">Up</a> , <a href=\"%s\">Home</a>")

But I want to specify it within the file, similar to how you would specify options:

#+options: toc:nil

I've tried:

#+html_home/up_format: <p>Test</p>
#+options: html-home/up-format:<p>Test</p>

with no luck and documentation is sparse.

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You will need to enable the #+BIND keyword by adding this to your init file and restarting emacs

(setq org-export-allow-org-bind-keywords t)

You can also customize this variable (which allows you to skip the restart).

Then you can assign to export-related variables even if there is no option for them (as in this case), by adding the following header to your Org mode file:

#+BIND: org-html-home/up-format "<a href=\"%s\">Up</a> , <a href=\"%s\">Home</a>"

When you export the file, the #+BIND directive does the equivalent of the setq in your question. The binding is temporary and only lasts while you are exporting the file.

You can find a description of this in the "Export Settings" section of the manual which you can get to with C-h i g (org)Export settings.

  • Thanks, just what I wanted.
    – jamesmaj
    Jul 27, 2021 at 4:07

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