I'm trying to debug this julia-mode indentation issue using edebug.

The elisp I'm running is here and the bug only occurs on Emacs 23.3.

TAB is bound to julia-latexsub-or-indent. I can reproduce the issue. However, if I run edebug-defun on julia-latexsub-or-indent, the problem disappears!

I know Emacs has a lot of internal state, so I presume some of it is modified by edebug (even though it uses a recursive editor).

When is edebug not appropriate for debugging?

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    I don't have an answer wrt edebug. But using a debugger sometimes does interfere with reproducing a bug, especially if the bug involves display, timers, window/frame selection etc. You can try using the standard debugger (debug) instead: M-x debug-on-entry RET julia-latexsub-or-indent RET, but you might hit the same problem. You can also try adding calls to message at different places in the source code, to print relevant info to buffer *Messages*. – Drew Oct 4 '14 at 15:52

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