I use auctex/reftex with pdftools for preview. I use a vertical split C-x 3 of the emacs frame with the left buffer being the pdf preview and the right buffer being the latex file. When I invoke reftex select buffer with keystrokes C-c ) the reftex buffer and latex buffer take the entire frame hiding the pdf preview. Is it possible to customize the reftex select buffer so that: (i) it appears only in the right half of the frame below my latex file and (ii) the reftex and latex buffers do not hide the pdf preview.

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Looking at the code, this is not possible by default. However, you could easily modify the code to achieve it. For that, change the line:

(switch-to-buffer-other-window "*RefTeX Select*")

in the function reftex-select-with-char to:

(select-window (display-buffer-below-selected (get-buffer-create "*RefTeX Select*") nil))

and similar for the subsequent created windows (the code contains useful comments for 'discovering' lines/functions that create new windows).

You might also submit a feature request to make it customizable (e.g. by using the function display-buffer-in-direction) to the bug-gnu-emacs mailing list.

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