I am using Emacs powered with Slime to write code on Common Lisp (SBCL). In addition, I am also using magit.

Magit has a handy command called magit-status (C-x g). I use it a lot and I tend to have 2 windows split horizontally on my screen. I would like to have a similar user experience with the Slime REPL's buffer.

Currently, what I do is: C-x b, then ido-mode shows the options in an augmented mini-buffer and, lastly, I start typing the REPL which is auto-completed.

I wish there was some command and a keybinding just like magit-status but to show show Slime's REPL buffer in one of the windows and move the cursor there.

Is this already available? What do I need to call?

If not, what should I do in my init file to have this shortcut?

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You want slime-switch-to-output-buffer, bound to C-c C-z by default.

The SLIME User Manual has the documentation for this and many other interesting commands. You can read it inside of Emacs (use C-h i to open the Info viewer, you’ll find the manuals there), or online. See specifically chapter 8.2 REPL: the “top level”.

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