I'm using notmuch for reading and writing emails. This works fine, but sometimes I still do need to print emails. Here the available tools don't shine. Out of the box, using #, printing results in an ugly monospaced text. It's OK, but aren't there better solutions?

Looking for what is available in the Linux universe, I found tools like enscript, muttprint or a2ps. They all seem to be rather old and unflexible (e.g. with UTF8). So I thought that since I am reading the mails in Emacs anyways, there might be an Emacs-specific solution (and if it just tunesps-print so that the result looks nice).

What I am looking for:

  • Fancy display of the header infos
  • Non-monospaced font (even if the original mail is not HTML)
  • Nested coloring of nested levels of quotations
  • Ideally, convert and print the HTML part if present

Does something like that exist, Emacs-specific or not? Any comments or ideas are appreciated!


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