I'm learning Orgmode and moving lines (headers, checkbox items) up and down. These movement are restrited to a tree part of the line (header section, checkbox list):

* Here is a list
 - Item 1
 - Item 2
 - Item 3 - Alt-down stops here

* Another list 
 - Here is where I want to move the line Item 3

Is there a simple way to move line without restriction in orgmode?

The closest I learned is C-k on a line -> move cursor -> C-y on other line.

Ideally is htere some modifier like Alt-Shift-Arrow?

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Name and documentation of this function says it all:

(org-shiftmetaup &optional ARG)

Drag the line at point up.

In a table, kill the current row.
On a clock timestamp, update the value of the timestamp like S-<up>
but also adjust the previous clocked item in the clock history.
Everywhere else, drag the line at point up.

The name says that this function is bound to S-M-<up>.

You can look up the documentation of any function with M-x describe-function which is bound to C-h f.

  • Do you have a link to that part of docs? Googling did not help. Also does not say much to a new user unfortunately: is there another key binding other than Alt-arrow? How is it invoked? Why is it dragging a line in one curcumstrance and killing a row in another? How to use it?
    – Evgeny
    Commented Aug 18, 2021 at 11:42

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