I have three files A, B and C. A is a table of contents with links to B and C that have various information, the problem is I want to export a pdf with the content of A, B and C together but org-latex-export-to-pdf only export one file. Is there any way to do this?

  • You can #+INCLUDE them all in D and export that. But the links in A will not work in the PDF file since they point to things in B and C, not to things in (the PDF version of) D. That probably is not what you want but it's not clear to me why you want to do the above: the normal export creates a TOC so why do you want another one in A?
    – NickD
    Aug 29 at 23:34
  • Thanks for the answer @NickD! I will give it a try. I'm using A because is an easy way to see every category I have and don't forget them, I really struggle to remember so this is an easy way for me of knowing what knowledge I have about something
    – leontres
    Aug 29 at 23:58
  • But does it have to be included in the PDF?
    – NickD
    Aug 30 at 0:13
  • Not necessarily, it was just for convenience. I will try the solution you gave me
    – leontres
    Aug 30 at 0:19

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