I am having a problem with general.el package. I have SPC set as a prefix and then other keys as sub-prefix, then some other keys as actions, like how Doom Emacs has.

(nvmap :states '(normal visual) :keymaps 'override :prefix "SPC"
  "SPC"   '(find-file :which-key "Find file")
  "m"       '(:ignore t :which-key "Org")

All this works.. But when I add this line,

"m i"     '(:ignore t :which-key "Insert")
"m i i"   '(org-insert-item :which-key "Org toggle item")) 

It gives error saying,

"Key sequence SPC m i i starts with non-prefix key SPC m i"

I basically want SPC m to be a preifx for Org related actions, then i for Org insert related actions.

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Run (general-auto-unbind-keys).

From the readme (https://github.com/noctuid/general.el#automatic-key-unbinding):

Automatic Key Unbinding

To automatically prevent Key sequence starts with a non-prefix key errors without the need to explicitly unbind non-prefix keys, you can add (general-auto-unbind-keys) to your configuration file. This will advise define-key to unbind any bound subsequence of the KEY. Currently, this will only have an effect for general.el key definers. The advice can later be removed with (general-auto-unbind-keys t).

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