Let's say, I have a following table:

| NAME    | VALUE |   
| DAVID   |  3.83 |   
| JULIA   |  0.89 |   
| ALICE   |  0.59 |   
| SUM     |  5.31 | 

With the following formula:

#+TBLFM: @>$2=vsum(@2$2..@-1$2)

When I want to calculate the contents of the column 2, I just call org-ctrl-c-star with my keybinding, and the sum gets recalculated. Works like charm.

Sometimes I'm adding names or deleting names, or change the score of the names.

Then I would like to sort the column 2 based on the value. I quickly sort by using C-c ^ (sometimes do the ^ again) with the point inside the table. You’ll be prompted for a sorting type, where you can choose e.g. a for alphabetic or n for numeric. I usually choose capital letter (N) of these options to reverse the sort (as in from highest to lowest).

I would like to include this in the same formula, when I'm recalculating the total sum of the scores. Since I know Org-mode offers this functionality to reverse sort the column, how could I capture the functionality inside the formula?


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