I'm editing tab separated file with Emacs and csv-mode.el. When the document is open, I can align the columns with M-x csv-align-mode. How to make it automatically aligned when I open the file?

Both ~/.emacs and .dir-locals.el based solutions are fine.

I'm pretty new with Emacs so this might be generic elisp question but I'm not sure.

PS. An example of .tsv file


Add (add-hook 'csv-mode-hook 'csv-align-mode) to ~/.emacs and it works. Note: It's csv, not tsv, even though editing .tsv files.

My skills don't yet suffice to make it in .dir-locals.el.

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    "Note: It's csv, not tsv, even though editing .tsv files." - tsv-mode is derived from csv-mode, which means it will run the hooks in both csv-mode-hook as well as tsv-mode-hook. This means you could also just add it to tsv-mode-hook if you didn't want this to apply to csv files.
    – kfoley
    Sep 15 at 14:58

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