When I run shell-resync-dirs 1, the function hangs, until I press C-g, at which this point, what looks suspiciously like the output of my shell's dirs -l command 2 gets inserted into my buffer at point, and my shell prints a newline and a new prompt. (Point remains unchanged throughout all this.) As far as I can tell, the shell-resync-dirs never gets to do what it is supposed to do, since shell-dirstack remains unchanged (and as out-of-sync as it was when I invoked the function).

I would like to find out why shell-resync-dirs hangs when I invoke it.

In particular, I would like to trace the execution of shell-resync-dirs.

Naively, I tried using trace-function, but this did not have the desired effect. All I get from this is that Emacs will notify me when shell-resync-dirs starts execution and when it terminates, which tells me nothing that I don't already know.

Is there a simple way to trace the evaluation of the various expressions within the definition of shell-resync-dirs?

1 For this post, please assume that the current buffer is an inferior shell started with M-x shell. Also, my shell is /bin/zsh.

2 For what it's worth, "dirs -l" is the value I have assigned to the variable shell-dirstack-query.

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    That happens to me occasionally as well, but I've never figured out the root cause. Thanks for asking the question!
    – NickD
    Sep 18, 2021 at 23:30

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I was having a similar problem and discovered that I had comint-process-echoes set to t in comint-mode-hook, I think as part of some experiment with using zsh instead of bash. Setting it back to the default of nil fixed the M-x dirs hanging issue for me.

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