The function cycle-themes have cycle-themes-theme-list as a quoted list, e.g., (setq cycle-themes-theme-list '(tsdh-light wheatgrass whiteboard womba)).

At the same time, (custom-available-themes) will return all available themes. How do I apply the quote to this expanded list?

#+begin_src emacs-lisp
 (use-package cycle-themes
  :ensure t
  :init (setq cycle-themes-theme-list
          (quote-after-expand (custom-available-themes))))

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You just need

(setq cycle-themes-theme-list (custom-available-themes))

here (try it!). cycle-themes-theme-list just wants a list. The point of the quote in

(setq cycle-themes-theme-list '(tsdh-light wheatgrass whiteboard womba))

is to prevent elisp from evaluating the target list (and so treating tsdh-light as a function with arguments wheatgrass, whiteboard and womba).

  • Yes, you are right. The problem was the package itself!
    – BuddhiLW
    Sep 22, 2021 at 17:27

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