I'm using lsp-mode as lsp client and gopls as lsp backend in order to lookup function and variable definitions in go projects.

On a given large repository (kubernetes) that I recently wiped and cloned again, I see that, when I want to lookup a definition (lsp-find-definition), emacs will stall for a few seconds and then fail:

"Timeout while waiting for response. Method: textDocument/references" – 

Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Notice that all the definition lookups worked fine before I deleted the project folder and re-crated it...

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You can lengthen the timeout using the lsp-response-timeout option: https://emacs-lsp.github.io/lsp-mode/page/settings/mode/#lsp-response-timeout

Of course, what you really want to do is make gopls faster. Probably not much you can configure in Emacs to do that.

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    AFACIT setting the lsp-response-timeout to a different value also required restarting the workspace with M-x lsp-restart-workspace.
    – anon2328
    Jun 2, 2023 at 15:03

I encountered this problem too, and it did timeout each time as I saved file. I configured the lsp-format-buffer and lsp-organize-imports as the hook of before-save-hook.

When I dived into the Emacs *lsp-log* buffer (you can also invoke lsp-describe-session), I found that Emacs used my $HOME as the root of current lsp-workspace-folder instead of the current project path, so it timeouted, and it made sense.

So what I did is to invoke lsp-workspace-folders-remove and remove the $HOME folder and re-visit my project, and select current folder as the root. It worked!

For more configuration, you can access my Emacs dot file https://github.com/yuanbohan/dot-files/blob/master/emacs/conf/conf.org#go


A workaround for this is to disable file watchers:

(setq lsp-enable-file-watchers nil)

... and then restart the workspace:


I'm not sure if this effectively disables a useful feature, but I can't get it to work otherwise.

The solution was described here: https://github.com/golang/go/issues/38032

More about file watchers here: https://emacs-lsp.github.io/lsp-mode/page/file-watchers/

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