Linux Mint 20 Emacs 27

package dired, dired+

In folder Downloads I has: one folder and two files.

I want to delete all content of folder Downloads

So as result on Dired mode I press t.

Here result:

enter image description here

As you can see marked also dot and double dots. So as result I can't delete all. I press D and get error:

Cannot operate on '.' or '..'

enter image description here

So as result I need MANUAL mark files by press m and only then I can delete all content of folder Downloads enter image description here

So the question is: Is it possible when press t (in dired mode) to not mark dot and double dots?

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With Dired+, try this replacement for command dired-toggle-marks. You can then use C-u to prevent . and .. from toggling. (FYI: toggling them is part of a fix for Emacs bug #48883.)

(defun dired-toggle-marks (&optional except-dot+dot-dot-p)
  "Toggle marks: marked files become unmarked, and vice versa.
Marks (such as `C' and `D') other than `*' are not affected.
Hidden subdirs are also not affected.

By default, this toggles also `.' and `..' (see Emacs bug #48883).
With a prefix arg it does not toggle `.' and `..'."
  (interactive "P")
    (goto-char (point-min))
    (let ((inhibit-read-only  t))
      (while (not (eobp))
        (or (dired-between-files)
            (and except-dot+dot-dot-p
                 (member (dired-get-filename t t) '("." "..")))
            (apply 'subst-char-in-region (point)
                   (1+ (point))
                   (if (eq ?\   (following-char))
                       (list ?\   dired-marker-char)
                     (list dired-marker-char ?\  ))))
        (forward-line 1)))))

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