I have slightly tweaked checkers in flycheck so that I can run my code in docker containers. I've tweaked how these settings work, which has temporarily broken my flycheck setup and flycheck has disabled checkers.

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I think I've fixed the bug I want to check how it works. If I remember correctly, to get this working before I would repeatedly close and reopen files to clear flychecks automatic disabled checkers... but this time this feels like a stupid approach.

How do I clear flychecks automatically disabled checkers?


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The warning flycheck shows when a checker is automatically disabled explains how to re-enable it:

Warning (flycheck): Syntax checker ... reported too many errors (...) and is disabled. Use ‘M-x customize-variable RET flycheck-checker-error-threshold’ to change the threshold or ‘C-u C-c ! x’ to re-enable the checker.

This can also be found in the documentation:

To enable a disabled checker again, remove it from flycheck-disabled-checkers or use C-u C-c ! x:

C-u C-c ! x
C-u M-x flycheck-disable-checker

    Prompt for a disabled syntax checker to enable again in the current buffer.



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