POVray is a scripting language used to define 3-dimensional graphics.

POVray mode for emacs provides text coloring, automatic indenting, etc. when developing a script on emacs.

For the most part, this works very well despite the fact that the last change to the mode was 5 years ago. POVray itself doesn't change very much either. But it does change. Specifically, a new keyword elseif has been added, and I would like this mode to incorporate this change.

I looked at the above linked GitHub page, and could not find a place to comment, or even a way to message the author. So maybe I am asking my question in the wrong place, and I just need a clue about GitHub.

I looked at the pov-mode.el file, to see if I could do this myself. My idea was to add in an #elseif directive, possibly within a parenthesized or clause, everywhere I saw the #else directive. But I am not familiar with Lisp and I am not sure whether the desired consequences would result. I would probably also have to search through instances of the #if directive as well.

Advice on how to either contact the author (melmothx on GitHub) or learn more about Lisp would be welcome.


You should file an “issue” on GitHub. Technically this is more of a feature request than a bug report, but GitHub lumps all such things together.

You could also just try adding the “elseif” to the regex in the pov-all-keyword-matcher variable at https://github.com/melmothx/pov-mode/blob/master/pov-mode.el#L916. This seems to be what it uses to find keywords.

  • OK thanks for your help. I posted a new issue there as you suggested.
    – Peyrol
    Oct 13 '21 at 18:13
  • You’re welcome.
    – db48x
    Oct 14 '21 at 3:18

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