How do I turn off all of the custom faces used by Spacemacs org-mode? For example, the background colouring, the overlines, the bold faces etc.

I tried using the Customize sub-menu from the Org menu to set my own faces, and it added lines like:

'(org-level-1 ((t nil)))

to custom-set-faces in my .dotspacemacs file. However, this doesn't stop Spacemacs showing the top-level heading with a large bold font on a gray background. I find these visual decorations very distracting and just want to see the text that I type!

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If you really want to disable all faces then you should deactivate font-lock-mode by doing M-x font-lock-mode.

You could configure it to happen automatically by adding an org-mode-hook as follows in the user-config section of your dotfile:

(defun my-disable-font-lock ()
  (font-lock-mode 0))

(add-hook 'org-mode-hook 'my-disable-font-lock)

Put your cursor on the offending text, then in the top menu, Options->Customize Emacs->Specific Face and you will go directly to the one you want to change.

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