Org-roam links are considered broken when exporting. This is annoying as I would like to export those org files as pdf documents. I know that the option broken-links:t makes the link disappear, and broken-links:auto marks the link as broken in the output document.

However, I would like to get either a proper link, or just plain text with the text of the link. Is there a way ?

  • You want the org-roam links between documents to be preserved? Oct 25, 2021 at 22:17
  • @naugiedoggie that would be a bonus, but the mere description text of the link would already be nice ..
    – Joon Kwon
    Nov 2, 2021 at 10:47

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I was facing the same problem and running M-x org-roam-update-org-id-locations before the export did the trick. The links get exported, the description text is there, and if the target file has also been exported, clicking the link takes you there.

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