I would like to nocite all of my papers in an org document to make a publication list. Because of how I format my reference keys in the .bib file, this would be quite easy with pattern matching, but I expect that this is not supported by the cite syntax.

Is this easy to do without nociteing each paper? Ideally the list will self-update as I add references (so all I need to do is export when I want a fresh copy).

I've looked at the citation handling and citations pages in the org manual, to no avail (I know the cite syntax is pretty newly incorporated, and documentation is still sparse). I expect there is a programmatic solution, but my elisp is a bit rusty. Thanks in advance!

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You could create a bib file with all your publications, require the oc-biblatex library, and then export the following to latex (C-c C-e l l):

#+title: Publications
#+cite_export: biblatex
#+bibliography: file.bib



# Local Variables:
# org-cite-global-bibliography: nil
# End:

You should be able to get similar results when exporting to HTML etc., at least in theory, using the #+cite_export: cls processor (see org-cite-export-processors), but for some reason it fails with the cite/n syntax.

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