I use org-mode a lot to export PDFs through LaTeX. How can I define a custom syntax for org-mode to mark small caps—so, for example, ^this^ gets translated to \textsc{this}, the way *this* gets translated to \textbf{this}?

Other ideas for the syntax:

  • <this>
  • >this<
  • #this#
  • &this&

I'm perfectly happy if this has no effect or ugly side effects in other export formats.

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    Best I can come up with for display: use prettify-symbols-alist and prettify-symbols-mode to replace \textsc with e.g. <, so \textsc{this} is rendered <{this}. Best I can come up with for entry: use yasnippets so < TAB inserts a \textsc{|} template, where | represents the insertion point. Nov 2 '21 at 20:58

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