I tried my best to find a solution to my problem in internet. I gave up looking. I am trying learning emacs on a mac. There are symbols I normally type by using the alt key. However in emacs I do not have access to them (in my german keyboard layout, @ is accessed by alt-l) How can I access these symbols in emacs?

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This is simple: set the Cmd key as Meta and let Alt key as Alt in your init.el file - use these:

(setq ns-alternate-modifier              'alt
      ns-command-modifier                'meta
      ns-function-modifier               'hyper
      ns-right-alternate-modifier        nil)   ;; Act as AltGR, for "|"

Take care of right Alt, it may be modified by lsp-mode if you use it. These are for German keyboard, not German Standard.

  • Great! It worked perfectly! Many thanks. I am now learning customizing init.el files.
    – Phaernos
    Nov 2, 2021 at 19:04

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