Suppose I wish to see the vignettes for an R package via ESS. I can do it like this:-

# This in the R process
# This in the minibuffer
M-x ess-display-vignettes

My question is this: Can I see the vignettes in a package without attaching it to the namespace via the library incantation?

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With a prefix argument (C-u), ess-display-vignettes will show vignettes from all installed packages.

From the help for this function (C-h f ess-display-vignettes):

ess-display-vignettes is an interactive compiled Lisp function in ‘ess-help.el’.

(ess-display-vignettes &optional ALL)

Display vignettes if available for the current dialect.
With (prefix) ALL non-nil, use ‘vignette(*, all=TRUE)‘, i.e., from all installed
packages, which can be very slow.

So do C-u M-x ess-display-vignettes (and maybe wait a few seconds if you have a lot of installed packages).

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