There's frame-list but this lists child-frames, and there's visible-frame-list but this doesn't list iconified frames.

It seems like there should be a simple function to return all non-child frames.

I suspect it can be hacked together with filtered-frame-list but my elisp-fu is not strong enough to figure it out.


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You just need to filter the frames returned by frame-list selecting only the ones that have a null parent-frame:

(defun non-child-frame-list ()
  (let ((frames (frame-list)))
      (lambda (frame)
        (null (cadr (assoc 'parent-frame (frame-parameters frame)))))

You can call it like this ESC ESC : (non-child-frame-list).

Alternatively, as you surmised, you can do it with filtered-frame-list with this predicate:

(defun non-child-frame-p (frame)
   (null (cadr (assoc 'parent-frame (frame-parameters frame)))))

Then you can do (filtered-frame-list #'non-child-frame-p).

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