I have a Subversion checkout which works fine (I can do svn st, svn diff etc.) However, Emacs doesn't recognise that the files are in Subversion. E.g. if I do M-x vc-diff I get File is not under version control.

If I open M-x shell and go to the project root the svn commands work fine but not if I call them via M-! svn st. In that case I am getting these errors:

[2021-11-25Z12:34:59:svn] FATAL: failed (got 1; expected 0): /nix/store/1570w56jrkvr90w9x158vyb5vahnk18v-coreutils-8.32/bin/tty
[2021-11-25Z12:34:59:svn] FATAL: gocmd failed (11)

Frankly speaking, I don't really understand it.

I am using:

$ emacs --version
GNU Emacs 27.2
$ svn --version
svn, version 1.14.0 (r1876290)
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  • Your svn appears to fail if it is not run inside of a terminal (a tty). Thus it works when you type the command in (since you must be in a terminal at that point), but not when Emacs runs the command (since Emacs isn’t acting as a terminal). This may be a configuration problem; there may be some way to configure svn not to do this. You should read the svn docs to find out, or ask in an svn–related support forum.
    – db48x
    2 days ago

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