I've been using hide-ifdef-mode with c-mode buffers for a while, but it is quite tedious to have to manually run hide-ifdefs (C-c @ h) every time a block of code containing preprocessors changes.

Is there any way this can be run automatically? (for example during syntax highlighting)

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After a while, I think I have found a viable solution: add hide-ifdefs to after-save-hook hook when running c-mode-common-hook - like so:

  (add-hook 'c-mode-common-hook
             (lambda ()
               ;... your other hook code here
               (add-hook 'after-save-hook (lambda () (hide-ifdefs)))

The sequence is: open a C file which runs the c-mode-common-hook; that enables hide-ifdef-mode and adds a function to the buffer's after-save-hook. Eventually, when the buffer is saved, the after-save-hook is run which executes hide-ifdefs.

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