I am using mu4e and pdf-tools. Whenever I go to open an attached pdf (e.g., with gnus-article-press-button) the attachment pops open in a new frame. How can I control where it pops up? Looking at that function and trying to trace it I couldn't find anything related to display-buffer or something I recognized as window management functionality.

  • Sorry and Thank you.
    – jds
    Dec 3, 2021 at 17:45

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So I think that gnus-article-press-button eventually boils down to calling xdg-open.

I had emacsclient set as my default pdf reader in mimeapps.list and using a desktop file that called emacsclient with a --create-frame argument. Removing the --create-frames argument solved the problem and now emacsclient tries to use the existing frame when displaying a buffer.

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