I am new to emacs. Following the instruction online, the default customization file is in my home directory and is under the name .emacs. I want to follow the tutorial I am currently going over and want to save everything in a folder and upload it to my GitHub repo for future reference. However, the folder I am currently working in is the \emacs.d folder and I did have another copy of init.el file under that folder. I am wondering if it's possible to force emacs to follow the customization under that init.el file instead of loading .emacs in my home directory?

  • See the Emacs manual, node Init File, for places you can put your init file and what you can call it.
    – Drew
    Dec 4, 2021 at 20:34

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There's a priority order for possible init file names, and Emacs will use the first one that it finds.

If you don't want it to use ~/.emacs then you'll have to make sure that file does not exist so that it will continue looking for other possibilities.

Refer to C-hig (emacs)Find Init

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