I'm using Doom Emacs 27.2 on linux. I have (python +lsp +pyright +conda +cython) in my init file and (setq conda-anaconda-home "~/miniconda") in config.el.

I can activate local conda env by M-x conda-env-activate but I can't choose a remote conda env since it's not listed there.

How I can activate a remote Python conda environment with Tramp over SSH?


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conda seems to not work with remote environments link. You mind have some luck with conda and lsp, or even the default python-mode using python-shell-virtualenv-root to a remote tramp address, in which case let us know.

anaconda-mode link and its pythonic-activate work with remote virtual environments. This is an alternative to the lsp+conda combo. You can also run the run-python in the remote environment.

If the environment is in conda and you also have jupyter, you can also run remote kernels with emacs-jupyter link. Although with this you do not edit remote py files using a remote environment, you can edit them locally and with local lsp+conda but send python commands to the remote kernel.

  • +1 for pythonic-activate Mar 2 at 8:16

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