on my freaking company windows machine I am trying to use tramp to connect to my aws instance.

On pressing C-x C-f, on linux I usually did press slash twice to erase the path and the put in: ssh:....

But on windows I cannot use double slash or double backslash to delete the c:\ part of the path to input "plink:..."

How can I make this work please?

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I guess there's a typo when you write "on linux I usually did press backslash twice". Like you mean the slash / key.

This doesn't work on MS Windows indeed. Emacs on MS Windows supports UNC file names. That is, if you have mounted a network drive share on your machine, you can access the respective directory in Emacs as //share/.... That's why the leading two slashes // are always kept when you try file name completion in the minibuffer. You must delete the slash with the backspace key on your keyboard.


Not sure of the answer. I also use tramp with plink on windows. After some similar frustrations I started using counsel-tramp as shown below. Since I adopted this method it has always worked well. Counsel-tramp is an additional library that needs to be installed (I already was using Ivy and related libraries).

(setq tramp-default-method "plink")
(define-key global-map (kbd "C-c t") 'counsel-tramp)
(setq counsel-tramp-custom-connections '(/plink:[email protected]:~/
                     /plink:[email protected]:~/

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