Is there a way to customize Auctex, and in particular LaTeX-env-item so that it does not automatically insert the first \item, but still have working LaTeX-insert-item so that C-c C-j works? Looking at the source code of LaTeX-env-item, it looks like a call to LaTeX-insert-item is baked in.

The situation when this would be useful is when I select text

\item foo
\item bar
\item baz

and press C-c C-e (insert environment), then get

\item \item foo
\item bar
\item baz

It shouldn't be too hard for the machine to figure out that the extra \item is bogus.

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In an advice of LaTeX-env-item-region (defined with advice-add), you can locally change the behavior of LaTeX-insert-item with the help of cl-letf*.
This is demonstrated in the code snippet below.
There, LaTeX-env-item uses my-LaTeX-insert-item when the region is active.
my-LaTeX-insert-item only inserts \item if it is not already present behind point.

(defun my-LaTeX-insert-item (old-insert-item &rest args)
  "Use `LaTeX-insert-item' only if there is no \\item or when called interactively.
This function can be used as :around advice for `LaTeX-insert-item'.
OLD-INSERT-ITEM is the original version of `LaTeX-insert-item'
and ARGS is the list of its original arguments (which is currently empty)."
  (if (looking-at "[[:space:]]*\\\\item\\_>")
    (insert "\n")
     ((looking-at "[[:space:]]")
      (TeX-parse-arguments (cdr-safe (assoc "item" (TeX-symbol-list)))))
      (if (looking-at "[[:space:]]")
        (insert " ")))))
    (apply old-insert-item args)))

;; (advice-add 'LaTeX-insert-item :around #'maybe-LaTeX-insert-item)

(defun my-LaTeX-env-item-region (fun &rest args)
  "Do not insert first item if region is active.
This function can be used as :around advice for `LaTeX-env-item'
with ARGS as its original argument list."
  (if (use-region-p)
      (cl-letf* ((old-insert-item (symbol-function 'LaTeX-insert-item))
         ((symbol-function 'LaTeX-insert-item)
          (lambda (&rest args)
            (apply #'my-LaTeX-insert-item old-insert-item args))))
    (apply fun args))
    (apply fun args)))

(advice-add 'LaTeX-env-item :around #'my-LaTeX-env-item-region)
  • TIL about advice-add. Commented Dec 22, 2021 at 7:33
  • 1
    @AndrejBauer I added links to the documentation of advice-add and cl-letf. While advice-add is for globally advising functions cl-letf can be used for locally advising functions (i.e., let-bound).
    – Tobias
    Commented Dec 22, 2021 at 8:19

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