I am trying to bind term-interrupt-subjob in term-raw-map like this,

(use-package term
  :bind (:map term-raw-map
    ("C-c". term-interrupt-subjob)
    ("C-'". kill-buffer)))

This is following the example from use-package's read-me. But, it does not seem to work. I have tried different key-combinations. When I try with C-h k C-' I get, "C-' is undefined."

The buffer I am trying to make things work in is summoned by running one of the eshell-visual-commands: namely, "git status." According to EmacsWiki,

Eshell will use ‘ansi-term’ automatically for specific commands (specified in eshell-visual-commands)...

Checking C-h v major-mode gives term-mode. My modeline has the word "char" in it so I am guessing it is in the char sub-mode.

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