I am trying to resolve a related question relating to creating a simple form to input and return various fields: How to pop open a forms template to enter multiple values To that end, I defined a widget, using a modified version of the multiple fields with INS and DEL. I will be using a fixed number of fields, and have no need for INS and DEL. How can I prepend the field names to each field inserted into the buffer, e.g., field_one through field_five?




field_one:   1
field_two:   2
field_three: 3
field_four:  4
field_five:  5
(define-widget 'my-editable-list 'default
  "A variable list of widgets of the same type."
  :convert-widget 'widget-types-convert-widget
  :copy 'widget-types-copy
  :offset 12
  :format "%v\n"
  :format-handler 'widget-editable-list-format-handler
  :entry-format "%v"
  :value-create 'widget-editable-list-value-create
  :value-get 'widget-editable-list-value-get
  :validate 'widget-children-validate
  :match 'widget-editable-list-match
  :match-inline 'widget-editable-list-match-inline
  :insert-before 'widget-editable-list-insert-before
  :delete-at 'widget-editable-list-delete-at)

(defun example-fn ()
  (let ((buffer (get-buffer-create "*TEST*")))
    (with-current-buffer buffer
      (widget-create 'my-editable-list
                     :format "%v\n"
                     :value '("1" "2" "3" "4" "5")
                       (lambda (wid value)
                         (if (widget-get wid :parent)
                           (message "This is not currently used."))))))
    (display-buffer buffer)))

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I think you’re going about it the wrong way. Instead of making something complicated and meta, just be explicit:

(define-widget 'bibtex-entry-alist 'lazy
  "Format of `bibtex-BibTeX-entry-alist' and friends."
  :type '(repeat (group (string :tag "Entry type")
                        (string :tag "Documentation")
                        (repeat :tag "Required fields" …))))

Just make five string inputs inside a group. This is especially true if the field labels are always the same.

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