I would like to scan through a (latex) document and recursively delete -- WITH QUERY -- all consecutive, repeated words that need not be on the same line and/or the same case. Here is a simple example of the sort of texts I have in mind.

This is an example Example of the sort of texts I would
would like to handle.

I have found two previous emacs.stackexchange posts on this topic:

regexp to find two consecutive and identical words not necessarily in the same line

Find and remove consecutive duplicated words while ignoring case

Is there a way to combine these two AND add

  • the ability to delete the duplicate word, with query -- ie ask me before deleting it
  • recursively run through the whole document (eg like flyspell)

Bonus request: Is it possible to highlight the repeated word (eg like flyspell)?

I'm complete newbie to regexp; thanks for your patience and help!

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You can use query-replace-regexp with the following parameters:

  • \b\(\w+\)\W+\1 for matching a word (saved as a matching subexpression by means of \( and \)), followed by non-word characters, then followed by the saved first word. \b matches a word delimiter, to avoid matching parts of words.
  • \1 as the replacement (the matched word)

If you want to highlight double words, then use the same matching expression with highlight-regexp.

  • You have to check for case sensitive or not. Default is insensitive. For more information C-h f query-replace-regexp RET
    – gigiair
    Jan 18, 2022 at 18:31

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