I'm setting up Doom Emacs, and I want to remove flycheck entirely. I'm having a bit of trouble doing that, though.

As an example, I'm working with Ruby, with this setup:

  :completion  company
  :tools       lsp
  :lang        (ruby +rails +rbenv +lsp)
  ;; etc.

So far I have:

  1. disabled the :checkers syntax module from my init.el

  2. disabled the flycheck package in my packages.el

    (package! flycheck :disable t)
  3. turned off a number of related lsp-mode features

    (setq-hook! lsp
      lsp-diagnostics-provider :none
      lsp-ui-sideline-enable nil
      lsp-modeline-diagnostics-enable nil
      lsp-modeline-diagnostics-enable nil
      lsp-signature-render-documentation nil
      lsp-enable-symbol-highlighting nil
      lsp-headerline-breadcrumb-enable nil)

With all of that in place, flycheck initially seems deactivated. However, after a file has been open for some amount of time, it appears that LSP is reactivating flycheck, including bringing back all of the squiggly underlines, the modeline "diagnostics," etc.

When I remove all references to lsp from my init.el, then indeed flycheck goes away entirely—but, of course, that's not ideal, as I'd like to use LSP.

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I figured it out—it turns out that setq-hook! sets the variables in the wrong scope. When I switched to a more general use-package! declaration for LSP, it started working perfectly.

(use-package! lsp-mode
  ;; Need to repeat this line from the Doom lsp module
  ;; declaration to keep it from eager-loading:
  :commands lsp-install-server

  (setq lsp-diagnostics-provider :none
        lsp-ui-sideline-enable nil
        lsp-modeline-diagnostics-enable nil
        ;; etc.
  • Could this applied for the normal emacs?
    – alper
    Commented Feb 9, 2022 at 17:38
  • 1
    @alper This syntax comes from use-package, which you can certainly use in vanilla Emacs. (Note that use-package! is a Doom-specific wrapper—normally you'd just call it with use-package.) Otherwise, just put the (setq ...) expression where you put your other lsp-mode setup.
    – Violet
    Commented Feb 10, 2022 at 0:30

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