My .emacs includes these lines:

  (require 'org-ref)

I have a file called orgcite.bib which includes:

         author={org, mode and Syntax, Citation and List, Mailing and Effort, Time},
         journal={Journal of Plain Text Formats},
         title={Elegant Citations with Org-Mode},

My simple org-mode file is as follows:

#+title: simple test



C-c C-e h o (export to html) generates a file that does not expand the references. Output file includes these lines (just the bold parts):

simple test --> This is the title so ok

OrgCitations --> This appears to be hyperlinked to nothing

orgcite.bib --> This is hyperlinked to orgcite.bib

What am I doing wrong? I've also tried with citep:&OrgCitations which does not work either.

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Org-ref is a new export backend: it introduces its own menu, which you get to using the C-c C-e r prefix, so exporting to HTML is C-c C-e r h.

You should have a menu with an [r] section that is generated by the following code in org-ref-export.el:

(org-export-define-derived-backend 'org-ref 'org
  '(?r "Org-ref export"
       ((?a "to Ascii" org-ref-export-to-ascii)
        (?h "to html" org-ref-export-to-html)
        (?l "to LaTeX" org-ref-export-to-latex)
        (?p "to PDF" org-ref-export-to-pdf)
        (?o "to ODT" org-ref-export-to-odt)
        (?O "to Org buffer" org-ref-export-as-org)
        (?e "to email" org-ref-export-to-message)
        (?w "to docx" org-ref-export-to-docx))))

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