I’m trying to save space in my mode-line. 99% of the files I edit are in UTF-8 format with Unix line endings (coding system utf-8-unix). I don’t need the ‘U’/‘U:’ indicator in my mode-line in these cases, but I would like it to be there (in a warning face if possible) if I’m editing a file in any other coding system.

How can I hide this in my mode line only if it’s utf-8-unix? (FWIW I’m using smart-mode-line, if that helps.)

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Here is what you could use to customize the mode-line coding indicator:

    (:propertize ("" current-input-method-title)
                 local-map ,mode-line-input-method-map
                 mouse-face mode-line-highlight))
      ((memq buffer-file-coding-system '(utf-8-unix)) "")
      (t (propertize "%z" 'face 'warning)))
     'help-echo 'mode-line-mule-info-help-echo
     'mouse-face 'mode-line-highlight
     'local-map mode-line-coding-system-map))
   (:eval (mode-line-eol-desc))))

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