I have currently bound C-x C-b to helm-mini. While running helm-mini, I can then type M-a C-s followed by typing in more characters which narrows down the candidates to those buffers that match on those characters. But, that entire C-x C-b M-a C-s key sequence is cumbersome. How do I bind/rebind a shorter key sequence, e.g., M-9, to call whatever that longer keybinding calls?

I am aware of helm-occur but it only searches the current buffer, not multiple buffers, which from what I can gather is only available via the cumbersome C-x C-b M-a C-s sequence.

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You can write your own function that does this.

(defun helm-occur-all-buffers ()
  "Run `helm-occur' in all buffers."
  (require 'helm-occur)
  (let ((buffers (cl-remove-if (lambda (buffer)
                                 ;; remove internal buffers
                                 (string= (substring (buffer-name buffer) 0 1) " "))
    (helm-multi-occur-1 buffers)))

See also helm-occur-visible-buffers for similar functionality provided by Helm itself.

  • Thank you. I have since moved my configuration completely over to Councel and Ivy to address severe performance issues in Helm that I have yet to see in Councel and Ivy. Thus, my incentive to test out your solution as been negated.
    – bgoodr
    Feb 8, 2022 at 15:50

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