As I type content under the current header, I often realize that I would like to rename the header --- give it a title more fitting to what I have written. One option is to get up to the header (outline-up-heading), delete the headline text and replace. For obvious reasons, it is often desirable not to leave where I am writing. I'd like to develop a function that will query for a new title in the mode line, and upon entering new title, the headline text is renamed. Is there such a function? If not, any helpful suggestions?

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Yes, there exists such function

M-x org-edit-headline

The doc string of the function says:

org-edit-headline is an interactive Lisp closure in ‘org.el’.

(org-edit-headline &optional HEADING)

Edit the current headline. Set it to HEADING when provided.

  • thanks very much!
    – midas0441
    Feb 6, 2022 at 10:57

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