The spacemacs documentation for creating a spacemacs file describes how to do so when using the vi editing mode.

How do I do this if I'm using traditional emacs keybindings?

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See this documentation page: https://www.spacemacs.org/doc/DOCUMENTATION.html#editing-styles

To switch to Emacs keybinding while in vi mode, use SPC t E e and for switching back to vi mode, use M-m t E e.

Note also that .spacemacs file is generated automatically - and inside there is a place where you can choose the keybinding to work with.


First of all, the ~/.spacemacs file is created for you on the first run of Spacemacs after installation. To edit the file, Spacemacs has provided a few key sequences.

  • SPC f e d should be used in vi mode.
  • M-m f e d whould be used with traditional emacs keybindings.

Both of these keybindings call the function spacemacs/find-dotfile which will edit the dotfile in the current window.

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