I have the following paragraph inside an .org file:

Observation: Currently, this feature is not part of the last stable
release (version 2.2.4). Thus, users can only access it while running
the application directly from source. To do that, please read the manual.

There is an empty line after and before this snippet. I was looking for some command similar to mark-sexp.

How can I mark (select) the whole paragraph?

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Yes. There is the command mark-paragraph. However, it does not have a default binding (under org-mode).

It also works on .lisp files. But mark-sexp is more appropriate.

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    mark-paragraph is generally bound to M-h. In org-mode, M-h is bound to org-mark-element, which seems to suit your needs.
    – aadcg
    Feb 11, 2022 at 18:43

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